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tethaPod - tethered membrane reader

Tethered membranes are lipid bilayers that are used as model cell membranes for a wide range of biophysical and physiological research. 


SDx manufactures a tethering foundation chemically attached to a thin gold film that acts as an inert base and electrode. A selection of natural or synthetic lipids can then be added to create a stable bilayer that models the properties of cell membranes for the purpose of ion channel, toxin and membrane studies using electrical or fluorescent measures.

Recent application reference

Improved micro-impedance spectroscopy to determine cell barrier properties

Md. Mehadi Hassan Sohag, Oliver Nicoud, Racha Amine, Abir Khalil-Mgharbel, Isabelle Vilgrain, Donald K Martin

The Eurobiotech Journal Vol 4 Issue 3 July2020   doi: 10.2478/ebtj-2020-0017

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